Mammoth Bone

Stabilized Mammoth Bone

Raffir Mammoth Bone is made from real mammoth bones from the last ice age (10,000-40,000 BP). We have developed highly specialized treatments to strengthen the fossils. As a result, such fragile materials are finally useful for unique luxury products. It is popular in a wide range of fine crafts and unique products. It is very useful for fine handles, jewelry and inlays. But we also recommend it for many other precious small-sized objects.

Material Variation

The natural colors of mammoth bone vary from piece to piece. Brown is the most common color. Some are lighter while others are darker. Other, more rare pieces are rust orange to bluish grey. There is also a big difference in the bone structure. Joints and vertebrae have porous sponge structures. Meanwhile, leg bones are far more dense. The availability of each color and type differs from batch to batch, so please contact us for specific requirements.

Processing and dimensions

Mammoth bone is a hard material. However, it is not yet petrified. Therefore, normal tools for bone and horn are sufficient. Diamond tools are useful, but not necessary. We generally recommend hard steel tools a low processing speeds.

The dimensions depend a lot on the input material. Obviously, the raw bones have different sizes. Normally, they are found as fragments. Thus, the product sizes are also limited to smaller objects. Our standard handle blocks are 120*40*22mm. We also cut scales pairs of 120*40*6mm. Meanwhile, the material mainly comes in non-standard dimensions. So check our retailers for their current availability. Otherwise please contact us for special requirements.

Raw Mammoth bones