Mammoth Fusion

Real Fragments of Mammoth Ivory

Raffir Mammoth Fusion is made of real mammoth tusk fragments dating back to the last ice age (10,000-40,000 BP). We have developed a unique high-pressure treatment to stabilize and fuse these fragments into solid blocks. The result is a beautiful and hard composite that is densely packed with mammoth ivory.  Mammoth Fusion is very suitable for fine handles, jewelry and inlays. But we also recommend it for many other precious small-sized objects – follow this link for inspiration.

Material Variation

The natural colors and fragment sizes vary greatly. This depends on the temperature, humidity and sediment composition where the fossil is found. Furthermore, we can stabilize them in different tones, such as clear, grey, blue or green. As a result, every single block of Mammoth Fusion is unique with its own structures and colors. You can see the typical array of natural colors and patterns below. The availability of patterns and colors differs from batch to batch, so please contact us for specific requirements.

Processing and availability

The mammoth tusk fragments are not yet petrified. Therefore, normal tools for bone and horn are sufficient. Diamond tools are useful, but not necessary. The material is stronger than our other mammoth ivory products and it is very easy to polish. Our standard handle blocks are 120*40*22mm. We also cut scales pairs of 120*40*6mm and 120*40*8mm. We also sell full size master blanks. These are typically 122*42*120-280mm. But check our retailers for their current availability. Most of them use individual photos so that what you see is what you get. Otherwise please contact us for special requirements. Click her to see our references. 


Various Mammoth Fusion blocks with polished finish


See a short presentation video of Mammoth Fusion above

See examples below of the natural variations in Mammoth Fusion

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