How we improve your products

Raffir is taking a new approach to material design. Everyday we strive to take something traditional and practical and turn it into an art form. And we have been doing so since 2003.

Usually our customers already make very appealing quality products, both as fine crafts and industrial high-end goods. So at first we have to ask ourselves: How can Raffir materials help our customers make even better products? Surely, they have to stand out from all the rest. They have to be more special, more beautiful, have a better story – simply be more appealing to the customers. All that while still meeting the requirements for strength, durability, machinability and safety.

This leads us to a whole variety of new materials. Every time we start a new project we want to create something original. To help us do that we even create entirely new manufacturing methods. Careful selection is another way of insuring a high quality. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into product development. Actually, for every product we put on the market there are about 10 more on our R&D shelves. And every time we launch a new product we set the bar a little bit higher. Thereby we ensure better and better products for our customers.

Our Product Range

We offer products in three main categories: Raffir Wood, Raffir Fossils and Raffir Composites. We carefully select fine-grained wood and stabilize it into Raffir Wood. The stabilization process is our own unique high-pressure resin treatment. After this process the material is stronger, more durable and has deeper grain patterns. Our Raffir Fossils are real ice age mammoth fossils that we preserve with a similar process. We make these rare and special materials useful through the stabilization process. Finally, Raffir Composites are plant fibers or metals cast in a deep colored 3D resin matrix. The finished materials are hybrids with unique structures from the untreated material. At the same time they have mechanical benefits from the durable resins.

Raffir material applications

Most of our customers use our materials for fine handles. Meanwhile, this is far from the only application. Our customers also use them for accessories, jewelry, inlays, musical instruments, pool cues and fishing rods etc. Actually they work well in most small and medium-sized quality products. Use them where you want that extra edge to your products.

Hope you made it through the text. Then let us move on to the fun part! Please browse through our materials below or by the top menu. Enjoy!

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Our Raffir Wood is a high quality brand of stabilized wood. It is also the core product of our company. We have more than 15 years of experience developing and producing stabilized wood. It is a continuous cycle. Hence, we always strive to make it better, stronger and more beautiful. We create it from fine wood that we fill to the core with a specially developed resin. The final material has the fine grain patterns of the untreated wood. Meanwhile, it obtains the mechanical benefits from the strong resin. In other words, it unites the best parts from both worlds.

Raffir Fossils are real mammoth fossils from the last ice age (10,000-40,000 BP). Needless to say, this rare material is in itself very special. For that reason it also makes unique products such as knife wood materials even more special. Occasionally, tusks, molars and bones are found from these iconic mammoths. Each type is very different. Therefore we have developed a unique preservation treatment for each of them. All of the treatments stabilize the fossils with vacuum, high pressure and strong resins. The resins we use differ depending on the materials and if it will be used for a knife handle or musical instrument for example. Nonetheless, they all result in stronger knife handle materials that is useful for a wide array of luxury products. We recommend Raffir Fossils material for jewelry, a knife wood grib, inlays, accessories and other precious objects. Feel free to see our inspiration catalog for new ideas.

This is what happens when composites turns into art. Basically, Raffir Composites are made of precious resins and specialty fillers. Maybe that does not sound so sexy. But when paired in just the right way, these two combines into something extraordinary. The fillers create amazing patterns, while the resin binds them together with deep colors. At first, we created Raffir Fiber with light plant fibers. Secondly, we added aluminum handle materials for their machinability and corrosion resistance. These handle material later turned into our Alume series. Finally, Raffir Noble came along with fine brass and bronze meshes. The latter has great strength and a subtle classy touch. They are all high contrast grib wood material with 3D effects that are useful for many products, such as a knife handle. We recommend the material for musical instruments, furniture, a knife handle and a lot more. Some of the composites are food grade. That means they even make great kitchen tools such as knife handle material.