Spalted Beech

Stabilized Spalted Beech

Spalted beech is natural beech wood that has aged for several years. When the aging environment is just right the process generates beautiful patterns throughout the wood. All of our beech-wood is forested and aged in Denmark. After cutting and drying we select the best pieces stabilization. Spalted beech XC is the crosscut version of spalted beech. This grain direction has gorgeous map-like patterns. Spalted beech YC is cut along the grain which gives the strongest result.

Variations and properties

Stabilized spalted beech has the unique grain structure of the untreated wood. Meanwhile, it obtains mechanical advantages from the strong resin compound. We stabilize beech wood in ten colors: natural, yellow, orange, red, purple, lime, green, blue, brown and black. Raffir stabilized wood has high durability and obtains a high gloss finish after polishing. It absorbs very little water and has low swelling and shrinkage at different humidity. The material has a smooth surface and needs no other finishing than fine sanding and polishing.

Available Dimensions

Our standard handle blocks are 120*40*25mm, while handle scales are 120*40*8mm. Custom dimensions are also available at sizes up to our finished raw blocks. Our standard raw blocks are up to 300*135*45mm. You are welcome to contact us for further information. You can also ask our retailers for their current availability.


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