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The Raffir® brand is founded in Denmark by Jacob Schou Madsen & Michael Sort Mouritsen (Raffir ApS). The main idea of the company is to supply standardised resin treated materials for high-grade products in various industries. We have more than 10 years of experience in resin treatment of natural materials, and we have a lot of experience with different resins. This has resulted in the development of our own compounds of thermoset resins specialized for their purpose.

Our designs, research and new materials are developed by Raffir ApS, Denmark, which is also responsible for production of Raffir® Fossils and Raffir® Wood. In 2012 Yangdong Raffir Hardware Plastics & CO. Ltd was founded with guidelines and quality control by us (Raffir Denmark) and our German business partner Stefan Sontowski. This company is responsible for production of Raffir® Fiber and Raffir® Metapol.

Each product in the four material categories (Raffir® Fossils, Raffir® Wood, Raffir® Fiber and Raffir® Metapol) has the unique aesthetics of the natural raw material it is based on. Furthermore, the standardised resin treatment improves the mechanical properties, reduces degradation, and results in an overall more homogeneous material suited for many applications, in which aesthetic, durability and machinability are important factors (See the individual product category descriptions for further information on machining the materials).

The Raffir® materials are used for various products such as: jewellery, musical instruments, eyewear, accessories, buttons and as handle materials for knives, fishing poles and other tools.

The standard dimensions and color options for the materials are written for each product category. However, all orders are custom processed, which gives the possibility of processing the materials in custom dimensions up to certain dimensions depending on the product.

You are very welcome to contact us if you have comments, need information or price quotes.

Best regards,
Jacob Schou Madsen, Michael Sort Mouritsen & Stefan Sontowski