The Dark Nordic knife series is a carefully worked out Danish interpretation of the traditional Japanese kitchen knives. The 5 year long development process has been focused on Danish functionality and simple curves with a starting point in Japanese knife models and quality steel.
The knife is developed and designed by design engineer Michael Sort Mouritsen in cooperation with professional chefs, hobby food enthusiasts and knife specialists to achieve a perfect balance between form, functionality and construction. Among the innovative detail solutions it is worth mentioning that the use of rivets is avoided completely. Instead the middle of the blade is cut away behind the handle, after which the grip is milled to fit and mounted inside the blade. With this solution a smooth and elegant handle surface is achieved, while the weight is reduced without compromising durability.
The Dark Nordic knife series altogether is an international project that takes a starting point in the strengths of different nationalities. It is a carefully worked out Danish design and high quality Japanese steel. Furthermore, the knives are produced under German leadership and careful quality control in the South Chinese city of Yangjiang, which has been specializing in knife manufacturing through several decades. This cooperation ensures Raffir’s customers quality knives with a high value for money.