Stabilized wood

The core product of our company is stabilized wood. This means that we are highly specialized in producing it. We actually call ourselves experts within this area, and for good reason. There aren’t many other businesses who offer the same amount of variety and depth as we do within this field. The way we differ from the others is that we value a focus on having super high quality. For us, it is extremely important to be able to deliver the best possible product to our costumers.

High quality stabilized wood

As mentioned in the above section, we prioritize being able to deliver the highest possible quality to our costumers. Stabilized wood is a luxury item in itself, so making sure that the process is handled correctly is key to fulfilling the circle of the product. Our 15+ years of experience with the materials also give us a great foundation for producing the best possible quality.

Beautiful stabilized wood from Raffir

Even though we have worked with stabilized wood for so many years, we still try to strive for improvement. We don’t believe in good enough. As the world is moving and a day day comes along, so does new methods and ways of doing things. This is something we keep ours eyes open for, so we can make the best possible product to you.