Stabilized Burl Wood

Have you seen our beautiful stabilized burl wood before? It is a one of a kind material, which is perfect for many uses. For example, you can choose to use this fantastic material as a handle for your knife, fork, staff or instrument. It just adds a special kind of uniqueness to every product that is hard to find anywhere else. Also, it lifts up any design to seem more luxurious and expensive. Nevertheless, our prizes are very fair considering how rare and pretty the product is.

A truly special material

It is difficult to compare the stabilized burl wood to other materials. Also, every single piece is unique as they vary in colors, patterns and sizes. We will help you find exactly the product that will fit best with your wishes and needs. Shopping with Raffir Woods is always an easy and fun experience, where you end up finding exactly what you need. We have something for every taste, and we are very concerned with meeting all costumers’ needs. No demand is too complicated for us, so feel free to express any concerns or special needs in your order.

Make your products unique

By using stabilized burl wood in your product, you are sure to create something special. If you are wondering which material or color will be the best fit, we can help guide you towards good options for you and your situation. We have many years of experience in producing these beautiful woods, which is a quality insurance for you. You can always expect the very best from Raffir Woods. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or the company in general.