Blue Uranium

Raffir Blue Uranium is a special effect color that is now also available in the Raffir Noble product line. It has similar mechanical properties as the other Noble mesh products. Meanwhile, it stands out through its triple stage color effect.

Elegant color shift

First of all, it has a plain pale color indoor. However, it changes to a strong blue color immediately when exposed to direct sunlight (UV-light). While the material is in the light it charges up for the third stage. Finally, the third color shows itself in darkness, where it glows in a strong yellow green color.

The strong blue color and glow effect appear due to very fine pigments inside the material. Despite their powerful effect they are harmless and completely non-radioactive. The blue color effect works best when the material is cold and put in strong sunlight. The luminescent effect is also stronger the more light receives. Then just put it in darkness and watch it glow.


You can easily craft or CNC-mill Raffir Noble. You can also use the same tools as you would for wood or bone. Although, we recommend water grinding for easy and dust free processing. Furthermore, it obtains a beautiful high-gloss finish after polishing. Finish sanding at grit 400 or higher before polishing. Then polish directly on a medium hard cotton wheel with a polish wax for hard plastics. Alternatively, tumble it to the wanted gloss level.

Dimensions of and availability

Our standard handle blocks are 120*40*25mm. They are available at our retailers. Raw blocks are also available for other purposes. Furthermore, we can cut custom sizes up to the size of our finished raw blocks. Meanwhile, please note that there is an MOQ for custom dimensions. The standard raw blocks for handles are 480*120*40mm. In addition we cast raw blocks of 500*140*40mm, 600*160*50mm and 400*250*65mm. You can ask our retailers for their current availability. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact us for further information.

Raffir Blue Uranium
Raffir Blue Uranium
Raffir Blue Uranium