Bog oak material

This type of oak is a material that has been in a peat bog for many years and is therefore not a specific species from nature itself. The reason why it looks to unique is because the bog protects the oak material through very low levels of air.

This way, the wood does not turn older and rot like it would if it was exposed to oxygen. The peat beneath then ensures that the wood gets it dark color because of all the minerals that reacts with the wood.

Buy bog oak material here

You can get your hands on this beautiful material through our website if you contact us regarding your needs. Bog oak material can be used for many things and comes in several color variants and sizes.

Hereby, we can almost assure you that you’ll find something that fits with your taste. It can however be quite pricy, since the wood is so unique. There’s only a limited amount of trees that has this type of wood, and it most often occurs in the UK.

Why bog oak material is so beautiful

When you get your hands on bog oak material you quickly realize how truly special it is. It often has a lot of variations in its color and natural stains that follow the growth rings of the tree.

Another great characteristic of this type of wood is that when well preserved, it will not be worn down by weather or light, and will therefore keep it’s beautiful appearance. When it is not fully dried it can be very hard and gold or copper in its color.