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Mammoth Bone

Raffir Mammoth Bones are genuine mammoth fossils dating back to the last ice age (10,000-40,000 BP). We have developed a unique acrylic resin and pressure treatment for this material that fills porosities and strengthens the material.
The mammoth bones are not petrified, but do contain natural minerals and are harder to work than non-fossil material. Raffir Mammoth Bone is hard, but can also be processed with equipment for processing bone and horn, although tools for hard steel at low process speed are recommended. We also recommend saturating the surface of all Raffir Fossils with cyanoacrylics (Super Glue) after grinding followed by additional fine sanding and polishing for a smother and stronger result.
Standard measures are blocks of 120*40*23mm and scales of 120*40*6mm, but custom measures can also be made.