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SFX Heatwave

Raffir Heatwave are four new special effect colours in the Raffir Metapol product line. They have the same physical properties as the other Metapol products, but they are special in their ability to change colour depending on temperature.
All four Heatwave colours are dark at temperatures below 28C (82F), but respectively turn bright blue, green, yellow or red at higher temperatures. All four thermosensitive colours are available in three different Metapol types as illustrated above, where the upper halves of the blocks are cold (dark) and the lower halves are warm (light).
The inherent ability to change colour can be used functionally to indicate whether a finished product is hot or cold, or it can simply serve as a visual effect that it changes colour in use.
The material has a maximum recommended working temperature of 60C (140F). Standard handle blocks dimensions are 120*40*25mm, but custom dimensions can also be made.