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Raffir Noble

Raffir Noble is a composite material with fine brass and bronze mesh layers encapsulated in a translucent epoxy resin. The material has unique three-dimensional textures with contrasts between brass, bronze and deep coloured semi-transparent resin.
This precious material is only made in black and golden colour. It is suitable for high end products in various fine crafts and industries, especially in uses such as unique handles and in jewellery manufacturing. The material is recommended for any small or medium scale product, in which aesthetics and uniqueness are crucial.
Raffir Noble is easily machined and can obtain a beautiful high-gloss finish after polishing. Water grinding is recommended for easy and safe processing.

Reference products for Raffir Noble

Spyderco Chaparral with Raffir Noble brass & bronze grip
Puukko knife in Raffir Noble (Moon pattern bronze) by Kim Kofoed.
Blaser R8 gunstock in black Raffir Noble with bronze wave pattern.
Hunting knife by Bjarne Rasmussen with Raffir Noble bronze handle.
Hunting knife by Steffen Meyer with Raffir Noble bronze handle
Outdoor Knife by Richard Kappeller with Raffir Noble handle.